of natural native wood

Below you have details of each of the pieces available. Clicking on "I want to buy" will automatically send me a Whatsapp message to get in touch and coordinate the purchase.

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How to buy?
Each set of three photos, corresponds to a single piece and each one is different to the other, at least, in the smallest details.
The price can be found in the description of the photo.
Ideally, you are viewing this page with your phone because when you have individualized the piece you would like to buy, you just have to press the phrase "I want to buy", and automatically your phone will propose to send me a Whatsapp message with the code of the piece, to get in touch and specify the purchase details.


By Whatsapp

Click here and we will be in direct contact with Whatsapp to clear any doubt and coordinate the delivery if you wish.


For a minimum purchase of two or more pieces, I will take them free of charge to wherever you are in Ushuaia.

Gerardo Scolari - (+549)2901477560 -